MSD Project Clear - Rainscaping Small Grants - Rain Garden

This program offers property owners within the program area an opportunity to receive landscaping grants - worth up to $3000 each - to "naturally reclaim stormwater by using rainscaping techniques" including  rain gardens, bioretention cells, pervious pavement, and green roofs.  Learn more here.

The project featured in these images was designed and installed by Pretty City Gardens and Landscapes in 2016.  Pictured above: the process begins with a site assessment including a percolation test to ensure there is sufficient drainage for a rain garden feature.  Below: once plans were submitted and approved the design was implemented including a rain garden basin to catch and retain stormwater coming from the neighbor's downspout and a partially vegetated bioswale lined with gravel to direct overflow out of the rain garden. Updated with additional photos from Spring 2017 and Spring 2018. You may also view more photos of our other MSD Project Clear Rainscaping Small Grants Program installations here.

Amanda and Mark Rain Garden 2.jpg
Amanda and Mark Rain Garden.jpg